Superfinary Reports of Scans with help of Teleradiology India

Superfinary Reports of  Scans with help of Teleradiology India

Teleradiology gives Superfinary Reports of CT Scan , X-Ray & Ultra Sonography , MRI Scan etc. Future Teleradiology has seen exponential growth and currently provides specialized services across multiple fields: Teleradiology , nuclear medicine and general medicine. Apart from preliminary reporting CT and MR (cross sectional imaging).
X – Ray :
·         Neck
·         Chest
·         Abdomen
·         Leg
·         Foot
·         Shoulder
·         Hand
·         Arm
·         Forarm
·         Head
CT Scan  :
·         3D CT
·         Brain
·         Orbit
·         Chest
·         Full Abdomen
·         Upper Abdomen
·         Pelvis
·         Neck
·         Arm
MRI Scan :
·         Brain
·         Orbit
·         Chest
·         Abdomen
Why Future Teleradiology
ü  Teleradiology Team of 250 Radiologists.
ü  No hardware or software cost to centers/hospitals.
ü  Shortest Turnaround time (1-1.5 hours).
ü  Large volume reporting.
ü  Weekend and holiday reporting
ü  FDA/HIPPA approved PACS and software.
ü  Dedicated coordinator for each client to facilitate daily communications..
ü  Superficiality reporting
ü  Animal/veterinary scan reporting.
ü  Live record of reporting 1962 CT , 1788 MRI and 2871 xrays in a day.
ü  Trail reporting of one day for assurance.
ü  We are trusted associate reporting partner for 7 Indian state government district hospitals chains.

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